Cocoa Runners In The Press

“The true chocophile’s trade secret. Chocolate’s equivalent of The Wine Society, and destined to play a crucial role in the democratisation of the good stuff.”

Daily Telegraph

“There aren’t many monthly deliveries that deliver so many moments of thoroughly enjoyable indulgence and impart equally enjoyable education as they do so.”


“Cocoa Runners is any chocolate lover’s dream company.”

The Dish

“Cocoa Runners brings artisan chocolate from all over the world directly to your door – and a new series of themed monthly tasting salons promises to reveal some top-notch choc over a few glasses of wine. What could be better?”

Good Things – The Luxury Cuisine & Travel Magazine

“Our new favourite life-by-subscription service.”

GQ Magazine

“Wine plus chocolate equals everything you’re not supposed to consume post-Christmas. We say, life’s too short – get yourself to The Winemakers Club in Holborn for an evening hosted by Cocoa Runners, for a few glasses of wine and to discover new producers.”

Country & Townhouse

“What’s better than chocolate? Chocolate delivered monthly to your door.”

Telegraph Weekend

“Mr. Hyman [Cocoa Runners co-founder] has spent years finding small-batch chocolate producers from around the world who make chocolate with passion and produce bars that taste distinct according to the bean used or the area where they were created.”


“Who could resist a chocolate subscription service?”

John Lewis Edition Magazine

“A taste of just one of their bars is like tasting chocolate in Technicolor.”

The Bristol Magazine

“In case you haven’t heard of [Cocoa Runners], these guys scour the globe to find the best chocolate out there. So–no joke–this is not just any chocolate but the most painstakingly made artisan stuff, which contains none of the crap that most mass-produced bars do.  (Thus, you can claim it is a healthy way of consuming chocolate…).  And rather than being snooty about it, the idea is just to try a bit of everything and find what kind of thing you like.”

Esquire Magazine

“Awesome new service is built specifically for all you chocolate lovers who want the best bars out there, delivered straight to your home.”

“Not only is it a great gift, it’s perfect for yourself and some wine–have your friends over and do your own monthly wine and chocolate pairings.”

Mostly About Chocolate

“I like the idea of feeding other people’s addictions.”

Rocket & Squash

“As you come to expect from Cocoa Runners, each of these bars is noteworthy in its own right. This collection has been exceptionally cleverly-curated – without exception, I enjoyed each inclusion.”

Culinary Adventures of The Cocoa Nut

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  1. […] up in the United Kingdom is, in fact, additionally comprised of imported produce. East London-based Cocoa Runners, who champion small batch candies, very kindly despatched me a few of their new cooking chocolate […]

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