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Give a friend or loved one the gift of an unforgettable interactive Craft Chocolate tasting kit and online experience. Enter their email address at checkout and they will automatically receive a tasting voucher PDF in their inbox to use whenever they would like. Alternatively, email the voucher to yourself and forward it on to the recipient whenever is convenient.

From £23.90 for a pair kit (suits 1-2 people), and from £39.90 for a family kit (for 3-6 people).

If you would like to send them a physical tasting kit instead, please see here.

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Kits contain dark and milk chocolate

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Where will the kit be shipped?

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When you purchase this gift voucher you will receive a PDF via email which you can send to your intended recipient. They will then be able to redeem the value of the voucher against a Virtual Tasting Craft Chocolate Kit, for delivery to their home. Then they can choose one of the weekly interactive virtual tasting sessions conducted over Zoom.

If you would like to give the gift of a monthly Craft Chocolate subscription (for either 3, 6, or 12 months) you can order that here.

  • A really fun and informative tasting with a host whose passion and excitement about craft chocolate was infectious. – Nick, London
  • The online tasting is brilliantly done. Fun, fascinating and delicious. I learnt more about chocolate in an hour than I’d found out in a lifetime. – Carlie, Newcastle

Virtual Tasting

Gather with your partner, friends, or family and taste our delicious selection of craft chocolates from around the world. Learn about the background, tasting notes, and history of each bar. It’s a fantastic and fun activity to get your chocolate knowledge rocking straight from your sofa.

How does it work?

  • Purchase a craft chocolate box (for one to two, or three to four people)
  • Use the coupon code from the voucher to discount the cost of the box
  • Have it safely delivered to your home (should take 1-3 working days in the UK)
  • Connect to one of our interactive chocolate tasting sessions
  • Discover, learn, enjoy and share a great moment at home

PS: Our boxes contain some chocolate bars which are milk.

Discover Craft Chocolate

Craft chocolate provides an amazing way to try something that not only tastes better, but it’s also better for you and better for the planet.  And with this pack, along with a virtual and video tastings, you’ll be able to experience this.  We’ve pulled together nine unique chocolates that will show you how different beans, fermentation, grinding and crafting styles impact flavour, intensity, mouthfeel, texture and taste.

Craft chocolate also provides you with a unique way to understand more about taste, flavour and mouthfeel. It literally helps you “refine your palate”. In the tutored tasting we’ll discuss different ways to understand the difference between taste and flavour (hint: flavour comes from your sense of smell, taste from a series of receptors on your tongue and in your mouth).  And we’ll also show you how to appreciate how flavour and taste develop like a “wave” with very different sensations during the initial, peak and then lingering stages of the chocolate melting.  To assist you here we’ve included a “flavour wave” developed with Professor Barry Smith (Director of the Institute of Philosophy at University of London and Co-director of  the Centre for the Study of the Senses), James Hoffmann (Founder of Square Mile and World Coffee Barista Champion) and Rebecca Palmer (Wine Buyer at Corney & Barrow)

During the virtual tastings we’ll also offer advise on how to read a chocolate label and what to look out for (hint: if there are ingredients that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise, be careful!  great chocolate is all about the beans … so just look for cocoa beans, sugar and (maybe) milk).  We will also explain the difference between single origin and single estate / single co-operation — and why this is important.


Individual or couple

This box contains 8 different chocolates; some of these are small 12g and 25g bars.  It is designed for 1-2 people at home; if you are a family or larger group we STRONGLY recommend the larger box!

Family pack

This box contains 9 different chocolates; comprising seven full size bars and some taster squares.  It is designed for a family of 3+ people (up to 6-8).