About Bean & Goose

Based in the Wexford countryside of Ireland, sisters Karen and Natalie Keane began their chocolate-making journey back in 2014 after deciding to create a better quality Irish chocolate brand. To be the best chocolate brand in Ireland, Karen and Natalie first needed to learn how exquisite chocolate is made – in total, the pair dedicated three patient years to mastering the techniques of hand tempering chocolate on marble slabs in a kitchen at Last Tree Farm. As the sisters chocolate-making skills grew overtime, so did the population of Bean Goose birds in Wexford – as a good omen for a fledgling business, the pair named their company ‘Bean & Goose’. Today, Bean & Goose has flourished into a skilled and dedicated team of 14 people. Their mission: to produce sustainable chocolate  inspired by unique Irish flavours and landscapes, at the highest possible quality.

We wanted to create a beautiful moment through chocolate' – The Irish Times
Bean & Goose founders Natalie (left) and Karen (right) Keane

How they became makers…

For Karen and Natalie, chocolate has always brought closeness and joy. The pair spent their childhood racing to the local sweet shop to spend their pocket money on chocolate bars, and eating chocolatey gifts with their family at Christmas time. Chocolate was part of every event during the year – and yet, in an industry racing to produce chocolate more cheaply, the chocolate no longer tasted good and the packaging no longer felt special. Karen and Natalie wanted to make chocolate which made people feel like they mattered again – thus, Bean & Goose was born.

Bean & Goose’s Sourcing

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of Bean & Goose. Karen and Natalie partner with Original Beans to source their couverture, a company with similar goals of limiting the impact their business has on the planet and environment.

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