Forever Cacao

About Forever Cacao

Forever Cacao’s mission is to safeguard the Ashaninka heirloom cacao. Pablo Spaull, the founder of Forever Cacao, has visited the tribe in Peru to see how they grow, harvest, ferment and dry the cacao beans he uses, but to also share with the farmers the chocolate that Pablo crafts from their cacao – by hand – in Wales. The Food and Travel magazine dubbed Pablo as the “first hippie chocolatier”, which is an epithet that suits him well. Although we must confirm that Pablo is a chocolate maker, crafting chocolate in small batches from bean to bar.

Whilst some might enjoy pairing their chocolate with alcohol, cheese, music, good company, Pablo’s chosen pairing is with meditation. Where Pablo’s guided chocolate meditations and cacao ceremonies act as a way to show cacao being a “heart opener” and “soul connector”. Music, however, does play an important role in Pablo’s life, from DJing and producing electronic music in the 90s, to providing music workshops to young offenders, youth clubs, and schools.

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How they became makers…

Pablo Spaull’s journey into craft chocolate was something of an accident, falling into it after discovering ‘raw’ chocolate at a friend’s birthday party. A conversation with Dilwyn Jenkins – writer of Rough Guide to Peru – led Pablo to discover the Ashaninka indigenous tribe of Peru, piquing his curiosity for the Criollo cacao of the Ashaninka.

Forever Cacao’s Sourcing

Forever Cacao uses criollo cacao beans from the Satipo region of Peru and coconut palm sugar to make his chocolate. The cacao is un-roasted and organic, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

On the 4th September, we had the pleasure of teaming up with Pablo to host our own cacao ceremony experience. Please click below to enjoy a recording of this event:

Forever Cacao In The Chocolate Library