The 2018 Christmas Collection


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    Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a selection of fantastic chocolate to share with loved ones after a hearty festive feast. We’ve selected four fabulous bars from around the world, each of which embodies the flavours of the season.

    Open the embossed gift box, unwrap the tissue paper and discover four milk, dark and white chocolate bars for you to enjoy.

    First is a milk chocolate bar from Menakao. Let a piece of this award-winning milk chocolate melt on your tongue and prepare to be amazed. As it melts, the rich, chocolatey flavour comes alive with a burst of red fruit and citrus notes. That fruity edge is typical of cocoa from the island of Madagascar, but it’s unusual to find it in a milk chocolate. Meanwhile, vanilla and butter notes evoke a sweetness of caramel. This is a truly original milk bar.

    Next is a dark chocolate bar from Pump Street Chocolate. This dark chocolate crafted from Jamaican cacao is a buttery bar with a smooth, indulgent melt. Rum and raisin is mixed with a touch of caramel and brown sugar giving a rich and decadent aroma. We noted hints of smoked honey on the finish.

    Then taste a white chocolate bar from Bertil Akesson. As you unwrap the bar, inhale the deliciously sweet aroma. Take a bite into the smooth and creamy bar and discover the rich flavour and hints of chocolate smoke.

    For this bar, Åkesson’s uses a high content of cocoa butter that they themselves make in Madagascar. This is not deodorised, an uncommon characteristic of cocoa butter. Chocolate makers developed the process of deodorisation to eliminate the unwanted flavours and aromas from the cocoa butter so that it doesn’t impart any flavours on chocolate. Using cocoa butter that hasn’t been deodorised gives these Åkesson’s bars an authentic, chocolatey flavour that is highly unusual in a white chocolate bar.

    Finally, for a limited time only, we’ve a seasonal Limited Edition bar from Taza. Taza makes chocolate that’s a little different from most. While many chocolate makers spend days on end refining and conching their products, Taza prides itself on being unrefined. The organic, Direct Trade cacao is stone ground using Taza’s hand-carved granite millstones. This method produces chocolate that’s bold in flavour, gritty in texture, and seriously more-ish.

    This festive limited edition is an expression of Taza having taken its signature stone-ground 60% and flavoured it with ginger, cinnamon and a whole load of warming spices. This Gingerbread Cookie Bar combines 60% dark stone ground chocolate with cinnamon, ginger, and a gingerbread cookie crunch.


    • Four delicious artisan chocolate bars in a chocolate brown gift box
    • Bars from Gaza, Akesson’s, Pump Street Chocolate and Menakao

    (Please note: we cannot offer additional gift wrapping.)

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