Bare Bones – Paquibato, Philippines 70% Dark (Seasonal Bar)

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A special limited edition bar with notes of  pecan tart and crème brûlée.

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A smooth and rich dark chocolate bar packed with so much nuttiness and cream, you would think they were added! Always thinking about the environment, Bare Bones’ chocolate boxes are made from recycled paper coffee cups, making it recyclable, and the inside chocolate wrapper is formed from plants, making it compostable.

The Observer’s chocolate correspondent, Annalisa Barbieri, speculated that this might be one of the best chocolate bars ever. (In her own words “the best dark chocolate I’ve ever sampled“):

I’m not great at describing food in a fancy manner. But if the most perfect day, the sort of day you don’t plan but where everyone you see says good morning to you and is nice, and everything you went out for you find, and the sun shines, but not so much it makes you sweat like a teenage boy on a first date, and the flowers are out and you catch sight of your reflection in a window and you look better than you thought and you smile all day and life feels full of promise and dazzle. If that sort of day were a chocolate bar, then it would be this“.


Bare Bones Chocolate was founded in Glasgow in 2018 by Lara and Cameron, two craft chocolate lovers who decided to try their hand making their own. The results speak for themselves! Multiple successes at the International Chocolate Awards and Great Taste Awards have followed, and their beautiful packaging, made from recycled paper coffee cups and repurposed food waste, highlights their commitment to great taste while protecting the planet and its people.


The beans for this bar were sourced from the Paquibato Co-operative in the southern Philippines, right next to Mount Apo National Park. After cultivation, a selection of five Trinitario bean types are fermented and dried in central fermentation centers. This profile won a Cocoa of Excellence award in 2019 for its nutty tones with hints of yellow fruits and tropical fruits.

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4 reviews for Bare Bones – Paquibato, Philippines 70% Dark (Seasonal Bar)

  1. Lynette A.

    I love it. My friend is visiting from Mexico and I have shared a lot of craft chocolate with her. Her opinions have varied but she LOVED this bar. We had a tasting and all of my friends liked it. After this, I felt confident to share a bar with a friend who has never tried craft chocolate and she begged me to find out where she can buy more. This bar and the new one they have from Honduras for Christmas are my favorite Bare Bones bars.

  2. Dewang S.

    Over rated. I think they caught Annalisa Barbieri on a good (bad?) day. This really doesn’t have much going for it at all.

  3. Elizabeth B.

    Annalisa Barbieri of the Observer rated this bar so I thought I would try it. Wonderful. There are so many flavours in there. I will be buying more.

  4. Jen Emerald

    Seriously delicious chocolate . Lots of gorgeous tastes !
    So glad I ordered 2 of these very special bars of chocolate . Such a treat !
    I will be purchasing more .

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