Beer and Chocolate Gift Subscription and Tasting Course

for 3 months and a £65.85 sign-up fee

Just as with beer and its grains and hops, the key to great chocolate starts with amazing beans. Both too require careful harvesting, fermentation and a knack for craft. And just as with beer, with chocolate “less is more”. Craft chocolate makers are all about coaxing the full flavour of their beans, adding and taking away as little as possible.

Beer52’s mission is so closely aligned with ours that when we thought about offering a Chocolate & Beer subscription, there really was only one company at the top of our ‘wish list’. They want to build a community of people who love craft beer. And they too believe that there’s is a great voyage of discovery through pairing beer and chocolate.  And we’d love you to join them and us, in tasting, rating and reviewing these pairings as you go.

Founded back in the Summer of 2013, Beer52 was inspired by a motorcycle road trip that their founder, James Brown, took with his Dad. Stopping at breweries in Belgium along the way, he found his love of craft beer. He set out to visit a new country every month in search of the best beers, his friend Fraser jumped on board for the ride and since then Beer52 has become the world’s most popular beer club.

With this subscription, each month the team behind Beer52 are pairing two beers from different craft brewers with two single estate craft chocolate bars from the Cocoa Runners library.  And as with our regular chocolate pairing, each month will be different and we’ll be providing detailed tasting notes and the stories behind the beers and bars.


How Does It Work?
– Inside each box you’ll receive two unique craft beers (either in bottles or cans) and two single estate craft chocolate bars.
– Payment is taken on the 12th of the month and boxes are shipped the following week.
– You must be over 18 to buy this subscription.
– You can choose to subscribe on an ongoing basis, or for a fixed period of 3, 6 or 12 months.  Please click here to find out more about our fixed term Gift Tasting Courses.
– We may from time to time include bars that include alcohol, dairy and gluten, and we may repeat the odd bar every now and then.