Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experiences

Gather with your partner, housemates, family – or just yourself! – and taste some of the worlds best chocolate while also learning about the art of tasting and crafting and the story behind each bar. It’s a fantastic way to learn about chocolate,  a fun activity to share with loved ones, a way to support craft chocolate makers who need your help now more than ever – and to treat yourselves.

“A really fun and informative tasting with a host whose passion and excitement about craft chocolate was infectious.”

“The online tasting is brilliantly done. Fun, fascinating and delicious. I learnt more about chocolate in an hour than I’d found out in a lifetime”

Join our live Tasting Sessions for FREE… but they are best enjoyed if you also purchase a craft chocolate kit. You can purchase the kits below and make sure to sign up to your preferred session:



  • Virtual Chocolate Tasting - Pair


  • Virtual Chocolate Tasting - Family Pack


  • Virtual Chocolate Tasting Kit with Julian Baggini


  • Virtual Chocolate & Wine Tasting with 67 Pall Mall - 3rd July


  • Virtual Chocolate & Wine Tasting with Ruth Spivey - Family Kit


  • Virtual Chocolate & Wine Tasting with Ruth Spivey - Couples Kit


  • Virtual Chocolate Tasting with Julian Baggini including Babette's Feast Book


  • Virtual Chocolate Tasting - Deluxe Set with Craft Chocolate Tasting Board


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