Cacao Latitudes – Palo Santo, Ecuador, Cacao Pulp (Pasteurised, 500g)


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Once opened, store in the fridge and consume within 72 hours.


This unique and delicious pulp gives a pleasant tropical tartness with hints of lychee, guanabana, citrus and banana.

Cacao pulp is the sweet white mucilage that surrounds the seeds inside a cocoa pod. It’s the only part of the fruit that is pleasant to eat raw, and it provides the sugars necessary for the fermentation process. Here, the pulp has been separated from the cacao beans, before being pasteurised and packaged.


After a trek into the Venezuelan jungle during a college internship had introduced Justine Chesnoy to the challenges of rural cacao farmers, and the Peace Corps had placed Kate Cavallin within a cacao cooperative in the Dominican Republic, the pair had separately fallen in love with the world of cacao. When the pair crossed paths after ECOM bought Armajaro’s commodities trading division in 2013, something more than a friendship blossomed – Justine let Kate in on her dream to start a specialty cacao trading company that improved the supply chain between underserved farmers and fine chocolate makers worldwide. Today, Cacao Latitudes is on a mission to build a better supply chain that leaves a positive impact.


Just a sea breeze away from the Ecuadorian coast, a family-owned plantation has been perfecting its cacao production for three generations. While Esteban Jr. manages a deliberate post-harvest process that’s been refined over the years by his father, inside, you’ll find Maria and Claudia handling the business side of this bustling and innovative farm.

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