Cacaoken – Vietnam Dark Chocolate Bar

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    With such an incredible culture of food, patisserie, desserts and strong respect for artisan tradition, it may come as little surprise that Japan has now embraced bean-to-bar chocolate. One of these Japanese makers is Cacaoken by Yukari Nakano and her parents.

    As you might recall, Cacaoken is short for ‘cacao laboratory’ in Japanese. It crafts all its chocolate bars in its laboratory in Fukuoka. It sells in coffee stores throughout Japan and also via a caravan that Nakano-san drives around Japan (in which she and her mother, demonstrate how small batch chocolate is crafted).

    And on top of this Cacaoken has a farm and research lab in Vietnam. Here Cacaoken grows cacao and experiments with bean fermentation. The bars all use these Vietnamese cacao beans (sometimes blended with Ghanaian cacao).

    This is a single origin dark chocolate bar, crafted crafted from high quality cocoa beans that have been harvested, fermented and dried at cocoa farms jointly developed with the Cacao Research Center in Vietnam. At this centre, the team takes into account adjustments in climate and the surrounds when determining the perfect roast profile for the beans. Ultimately, as with so many great chocolate makers, the great care is taken to adjusted for time and temperature according to the occasional climate and roasted to the best timing where the scent of cacao stands out.

    This dark chocolate bar has a distinctive freshness and refreshing acidity that are typical of those found in Vietnamese cacao, with just a little sweetness at the finish.

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    Weight 20 g
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  • Energy113kJ/27kcal
    of which
    - sugars4g

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    Cacao beans, suger

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