Chelsea Physic Garden – Chocolate Tuesday For Grown Ups


15th October, 2019 at 6:00pm

Single Ticket – £25

Chelsea Physic Garden, 66 Royal Hospital Road, London, SW34HS

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    Chelsea Physic Garden is London’s oldest botanic garden, established in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries as a teaching garden and for growing medicinal plants. Over its long history, the Garden has been at the heart of ground-breaking research which has furthered our understanding of plants and herbal medicines.

    The first curator of Chelsea Physic Garden, John Watts, was appointed in 1680 and oversaw the construction of the first glasshouse in England to be heated by an external stove. Young apprentice Hans Sloane wrote to fellow botanist John Ray in 1684, telling him how Watts “has a new contrivance…he makes under the floor of his greenhouse a great fire plate… and conveys the warmth through the whole house, by tunnels”

    Sloane went on to have great success as a society physician, serving the Governor of Jamaica followed by a trio of kings and queens, eventually becoming ‘Sir Hans’. Whilst in Jamaica, Sloane observed the use of cocoa beans mixed with milk as a remedy, and passed the recipe on to ‘several eminent physicians’ upon his return to England for ‘its lightness on the stomach and its great use in all consumptive cases’.

    The recipe was eventually bought by Cadbury’s and helped Sloane become a very wealthy man, allowing him to purchase the Manor of Chelsea and the Garden where he had received his training. In 1722, he leased the Garden to the Apothecaries in perpetuity for £5 per year – a sum which is still paid to his descendants – ensuring its survival for centuries to come.

    An important requirement Sloane placed in the lease was that the Garden remain and continue as a botanic or ‘physic’ garden, which has been respected to this day.

    Theobroma cacao is still grown in the Garden’s Tropical Corridor, but after over a century of constant use the Victorian glasshouses have become fragile and are in need of significant restoration. Chelsea Physic Garden has launched a fundraising appeal to restore the glasshouses to their former glory and preserve them for at least a further 50 years.

    We’re delighted to join Chelsea Physic Garden in hosting a Chocolate Tasting. Expect to taste a dozen single origin chocolates, pairing some with wine. Learn the secrets of how craft chocolate is made, and pick up pro tips to help spot the difference between mass chocolate and the real thing.

    Venue: Chelsea Physic Garden, 66 Royal Hospital Road, London, SW34HS

    Tasting: 6pm, 15th October, 2019

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    15th October, 2019 at 6:00pm


    Chelsea Physic Garden, 66 Royal Hospital Road, London, SW34HS

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    Single Ticket – £20

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