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Central to Chocolarder is an ethos of “ethical transparency” which prevails at all stages right from the bean to the bar. Not only is Mike dedicated to environmental sustainability, but he also makes a meaningful commitment to economic sustainability for to the communities at the origins of the cacao that he sources by building meaningful relationships with them in a direct trade model. But Mike is also on a health mission: less is more when it comes to ingredients (all organic), in the belief that this approach, when combined with diligent sourcing, can produce not only a top-quality tasting experience but also promote health benefits. Indeed, this level of ethical dedication in all stages of production truly affirm Mike’s efforts to make Chocolarder “just the real deal, right from the bean to the bar.”

The Millot Farm in Madagascar had been established in 1904 in the Sambirano Valley of Northern Madagascar. The farm, alongside cacao, produces fine flavour cacao, essential oils and aromatic spices.

This 80% dark chocolate is intense and tart, with a bold cocoa body. Expect flavours of blackcurrants, cherries, raisins and a slight smokey edge nearing the finish. The texture is fudgy, a texture that is oh so very Chocolarder… and a mouthfeel verging on astringent. The puckering sensation livens up the palate, and the brightness in flavour makes this bar an ideal pairing for a tannic red wine or a smooth blended whisky.

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Chocolarder is a small, truly ethical, and wonderfully innovative bean to bar chocolate maker based in Cornwall, UK. Read more about Chocolarder

of which
- saturates28.7g
of which
- sugars18.6g

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Cocoa beans, raw cane sugar