Chocolarder – Maleku, Costa Rica 70% Dark

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A rich bar, with notes of coffee, fig and caramelised banana. 

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A bar with an incredible story, made to showcase the irresistible flavour of these Costa Rican cocoa beans. In the early 1980s, Costa Rica’s cacao was devastated by the fungus “Monilia,” which spread throughout the country’s huge cacao fields,  killing tens of thousands of hectares of cacao crop.

While Costa Rica’s cacao industry has never quite recovered, there have been plenty of efforts made thanks to cacao producers like Nahua Cacao. They are dedicated to not just providing the greatest quality post-harvest services, but also to improving the lives of smallholder farmers via training, assistance, and community participation, as well as encouraging sustainable farming techniques, reforestation, and conservation.


Chocolarder is the creation of former Pâtissier, Mike Longman, who began his bean-to-bar journey after committing to make as many of his own ingredients as possible. Starting out in his kitchen, Mike now operates out of a small factory in Cornwall, where he is dedicated to sourcing unique and exciting local inclusions ranging from wild gorseflower, to the honey of native Cornish black bees. Mike is dedicated to a production process that is truly transparent and sustainable, both economically and ecologically. Not only does he source his beans direct from the farmers, but he transports them back to his factory by sail boat, all in the name of zero carbon transport!


The beans for this bar are of the Trinitario variety, grown in the Maleku ‘Chocolate Forest’ a few miles from Upala. Legend has it that these beans were originally farmed by “caracche”; once, a Maleku tribe member sowed some cocoa seeds, not knowing what they were or what would grow. Over time, the tribe member watched strange fruits growing on the trees and patiently waited for them to ripen. When he returned to pick the ripe cocoa pods, the fruits had mysteriously disappeared. The next time the fruits grew and ripened, the tribe member hid and waited. To his amazement, small people, scarcely one-foot high, arrived at the foot of one of the trees. As they could not reach the fruits, they climbed onto each other, standing on one another’s shoulders. When the “caracche” spotted the tribe member watching them, they fell down and ran away.

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Chocolarder is a small, truly ethical, and wonderfully innovative bean to bar chocolate maker based in Cornwall, UK. Read more about Chocolarder

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