Chocolarder – Roasted Chestnut 40% White Chocolate

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A single origin white chocolate bar crafted from Peruvian cocoa butter, pressed from the bean by Chocolarder in Cornwall.

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  • Description

    Impressively crafted from Chocolarder’s very own virgin-pressed cocoa butter, this bar will have you reaching back for more with a dangerous frequency!

    When you first unwrap this bar, you’ll notice that it isn’t the creamy colour that you might expect from a white chocolate bar. This chocolate has retained its natural, deliciously golden colour, having been spared the process of bleaching. It is also a reflection of the meticulous processes of production that have inspired its conception and creation.

    This white chocolate bar is both a rare and remarkable achievement – few makers in the world press their own cocoa butter as few can boast of their own cocoa butter press. Of these, fewer still are based in the UK, with Chocolarder a true pioneer. Perhaps even more impressive is that this press started its life as a car jack, meticulously and ingeniously repurposed by Chocolarder frontman Mike, in order to bring you an extraordinary chocolate tasting experience. By pressing their own cocoa butter, Chocolarder are able to ensure that the subtle flavours of their beans are coaxed out and showcased without the need for the addition of vanilla. Furthermore, this cocoa butter does not undergo a process of deodorisation, extraordinarily unusual in itself. Industrial chocolate makers, for example, often deodorise cocoa butter so that they can eliminate its flavours and aromas, to ensure that it does not impart any taste upon the chocolate. So, by using cocoa butter that hasn’t been deodorised, Chocolarder is able to produce an authentic, chocolate tasting experience in its white chocolate bar.

    This is a white chocolate bar crafted in Cornwall, but that started its life as Criollo cacao in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Mike sources these beans from Asháninka farmer cooperatives in the rainforests of the Ene River valley, with the help of environmental charity Cool Earth, who are dedicated to protecting against deforestation. The Asháninka are an indigenous population who live mostly in the Peruvian Amazon, for whom biodiversity and its protection is a central tenet of existence. Harvesting and selling cacao provides them with a sustainable income stream. This is crucial to combat the challenges they face from illegal logging, mining and deforestation.

    Chocolarder is the creation of former Pâtissier, Mike Longman, who began his bean-to-bar journey after committing to make as many of his own ingredients as possible. Starting out in his kitchen, Mike now operates out of a small factory in Cornwall, where he is dedicated to sourcing unique and exciting local inclusions ranging from wild gorseflower, to the honey of native Cornish black bees. Mike is dedicated to a production process that is truly transparent and sustainable, both economically and ecologically. Not only does he source his beans direct from the farmers, but he transports them back to his factory by sail boat, all in the name of zero carbon transport!

    Tasting Notes

    In the words of Chocolarder, this 40% white chocolate bar is “an embodiment of winter comfort.” And we agree. It’s the creamy texture and warming chestnut flavour, balancing of nutty tones and sweetness, and the finishing of a soft smokiness that makes it feel so comforting.

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  • 1 review for Chocolarder – Roasted Chestnut 40% White Chocolate

    • Kay B.

      Kay B.

      October 12, 2020

      Not a fan of this I’m afraid. The only flavour note I got was sweet! It’s more like chocolate candy than anything.

  • Energy2519kJ/606kcal
    of which
    - saturates26.2g
    of which
    - sugars45.9g
    Milk, nuts
    Cocoa butter, unrefined sugar, whole milk powder, chestnuts

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Chocolarder is a small, truly ethical, and wonderfully innovative bean to bar chocolate maker based in Cornwall, UK. Read more about Chocolarder

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