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    We are delighted to introduce the Craft Chocolate Collection.  Commissioned by Cocoa Runners, and hand crafted by artisan chocolate maker Jordi’s, this collection just goes to show that combining the finest ingredients can deliver a truly exceptional experience.

    Beneath the powdered surface and thick layer of smooth dark chocolate lie whole coffee beans.  These are a blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans, roasted by an artisan Czech roasters according to Jordi’s own recipe. The perfectly roasted beans don’t have a hint of bitterness. The smooth aroma bursts forth, blending perfectly with the semisweet dark chocolate. As the chocolate melts, the perfectly balanced notes of the coffee beans linger on the tongue in a beautifully smooth and delicate finish.

    Each coffee bean is enrobed in a generous coating of top quality craft chocolate by hand.  This chocolate is a blend of the finest Madagascan and Colombian cacao. The Madagascan cacao is sourced directly from world renowned cacao farmer Bertil Akesson, while the Colombian cocoa in the coating for our Craft Chocolate Collection hails from the deep valleys of the southwest province of Huila.

    At 65% cacao content, it is a wonderfully well balanced blended craft chocolate; bold enough to stand up to the flavours of the coffee beans, yet not to intense so as to overpower them.  

    All too often with chocolate covered coffee beans, too sweet mass-produced chocolate is used to compensate for the bitterness of the over-roasted coffee. Nothing could be further from the delicate aroma and balanced flavour achieved by artisan makers Jordi’s.

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    Weight 145 g
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  • Energy2276.1kJ/544kcal
    of which
    - saturates20g
    of which
    - sugars35g

    Allergens coming soon.

    Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass (35%), coffee beans (10%), vegetable fat, cocoa butter, whey, carob, emulsifier (soya lecithin e322), glazing agents-shellac (e904) gum ababic (e414), flavouring. contains unhydrogenated vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter

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