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This bold 100% bar, made from just two ingredients, is the definition of dark chocolate. With zero sugar added to the bar, you can enjoy the Trinitario cocoa beans which form this bar in their purest form.


Dutch founders Rodney and Enver began to create bean-to-bar chocolate in Amsterdam in 2011. They are as passionate about ethics and sustainability as they are about the chocolate itself; they use only Organic ingredients, pay 50% above the Fairtrade price, and aim to become carbon neutral in their chocolate production. One aspect of this comes from their factory in Amsterdam’s harbour, which has such a large solar panel-covered roof that they generate more power than they consume.


These Trinitario Dominican beans have a fresh, fruity flavour that is sure to wow. Once a year, the beans for this bar are sailed across the Atlantic from the Caribbean on a sailing ship called the “Tres Hombres”, which solely relies on wind power to make it to the quay in Amsterdam.

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Chocolate Makers Enver Loke and Rodney Nikkels are Dutch bean-to-bar producers with a passion for ethically sourced chocolate. Read more about Chocolatemakers

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