Chocolate & Wine Gift: Naranjo 2020 & Hogarth


Naranjo Torontel Loncomilla Maturana Wines 2020

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Hogarth - Buttered Toast and Sea Salt

Inspired by Karl and Marina’s regular breakfast routine, this 48% milk chocolate is flavoured with rye bread and pure New Zealand butter.

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Wine Outer Box

Wine Box - Outer Case

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Inside this luxury chocolate gift you will discover a bottle of Naranjo paired with Hogarth’s Buttered Toast and Sea Salt Milk bar. The marmalade notes of the orange wine pair absolutely perfectly with Hogarth’s savoury and salty bar – truly a pairing you have to try.

The wine and chocolate come beautifully presented in a Cocoa Runners gift box. The perfect present for any occasion, we recommend bringing along this gift to a dinner party with friends.

Hogarth – Buttered Toast and Sea Salt, Milk 48%

It’s a morning ritual for Hogarth’s founders to start their day with a piece of rye toast and pure New Zealand butter. Using classic Vogels Original bread and sumptuous butter, they’ve put that savoury and salty feast into a chocolate bar.

Corney & Barrow – Naranjo Torontel Loncomilla Maturana Wine 2020

This refreshing orange wine is grown in the Maule Valley in Chile, and is matured (skin contact) in concrete eggs for 8-10 months after 8 days of skin contact fermentation. We tasted sharp notes of marmalade, apricots, and peaches.

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Hogarth - Buttered Toast and Sea Salt

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