Chocolate & Wine Gift: Red Wine and Dark Chocolate


Naive - Ecuador Rough Ground Dark Chocolate Bar

BOHO - Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate

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    Craft chocolate and fine red wine is one of those classic pairings that show how one plus one creates a whole lot more.  Both have similar “waves” of tasting and sensation.  Upfront you start to “taste” the core “tastes” of sweetness, sourness and bitterness – and textural elements shine through (for example the “grittiness” and crunch of the Naive bar).  And then as you savour either wine or chocolate different flavours and aromas will emerge — berry notes, minerality, earthiness, steminess, plums and the crunchiness of Naive’s Nicaraguan bar.  Following this both fine wine and craft chocolate further involve – with more complexity and length emerging. Tasting red wine and dark chocolate can bring out very different notes here — for example the fruity and caramel notes of the Peruvian Dark bar from Boho are thrown into even sharp relief after you’ve savoured the Garnacha Tinta Cop de Mar.  Up to this point it’s mainly been your taste receptors and sense of smell doing most of the work.  However for both red wine and dark chocolate these flavours and tastes often will be succeeded by some astringency that “pulls” some of the saliva away.  And it is here that the next magic of the pairings occur — with for example the earthiness of the Naive Ecuadorean bar smoothing away some the astringency in the wine and bringing out how well rounded is this wine. Similarly the fruitiness of the Boho bar brings out the tannins and juiciness of the Carmener.

    Try the different chocolates together with the wine and we hope that this will show you not just how different are these bars from one another and also how they evolve and complement the wine, and will help you explore and savour these tastes

    The wine and chocolate come in a Cocoa Runners gift box making it the perfect gift.  Each pack includes

    Casa Filipe Carmenere 2018

    Boho Peruvian Chocolate Bar (Dark)

    Naive V’Vaya Nicaragua, 70% Dark bar


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    Naive - Ecuador Rough Ground Dark Chocolate Bar

    Weight 55 g

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    BOHO - Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate

    Weight 85 g

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