Chocolat Madagascar 50% Milk Chocolate

By Chocolat Madagascar

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    Chocolaterie Robert, the company behind Chocolat Madagascar, is a chocolate based in the country’s capital Antananarivo. Robert has been making chocolate from local Malagasy cocoa beans since 1940, working closely with local farmers.

    Underneath the simple, understated packaging of this bar, you’ll find a wonderfully rich milk chocolate that shows off some of the fruity flavour notes the island is famous for. The smooth milk is infused with delicious hints of berries and red fruits. Underneath the surface of the creamy chocolate, we detected an aroma of fig biscuits with a hint of pistachio.


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    Weight 85 g
    Type of Chocolate


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    Single Bar £4.95, Carton of 10 £49.50

  • 3 reviews for Chocolat Madagascar 50% Milk Chocolate

    • Stephanie B.

      Stephanie B.

      February 23, 2015

      An enjoyable milk bar. It could've stood to be just a bit creamier. The pistachio was more pronounced on the first taste, but the bar really stood out when the flavours blended, and none of them championed over another.

    • victoria a.

      victoria a.

      August 28, 2014

      My favourite milk to date

    • Dina A.

      Dina A.

      August 12, 2014

      A very milky bar, extremely creamy with hints of honey and toffee. Quite slow to melt however, not as smooth as I'd like a milk chocolate to be

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