Claudio Corallo 70% with Pepper and Fleur de Sel

By Claudio Corallo

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    Unfortunately this bar is no longer available in our Library. Please see below for four bars that we think you will enjoy.

    With a little sweetness, salt and spice this delicious box of chocolate squares is a subtle yet striking taste explosion.

    The hand-gathered sea salt crystals (fleur de sel) burst into hundreds of tiny fresh explosions, amplifying and refining the flavours of the chocolate and pepper. The bar contains only a dash of pepper – just enough to give the chocolate some heat as the spice bursts through the bar’s earthy notes.

    As with all his chocolate, it is made with Claudio’s own Trinitario beans from his Prinicpe plantation. From tree to bean to bar every single step of the growing and chocolate making process is overseen and very carefully monitored by Claudio Corallo himself. The pepper used in his chocolate is also from his plantation at Terreiro Velho.

    Claudio describes this as the perfect chocolate to have with a glass of red wine. Whether you choose have it with or without a beverage, one thing is certain – these flavourful chocolate pieces were made for sharing!

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    Weight 160 g
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Maker description

This maker is no longer available from Cocoa Runners

Maverick chocolate maker Claudio Corallo produces his chocolate from tree to packaged bar on the tiny islands of Principe and Sao Tome. Read more about Claudio Corallo