Claudio Corallo – Dark & Soft 73.5% with Nibs

By Claudio Corallo

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    Unfortunately this bar is no longer available in our Library. Please see below for four bars that we think you will enjoy.

    A bar of quite wonderful contrasts.  You could be forgiven for wondering at the rather precise name of this bar: 73.5% soft.  Why not just add a little more cocoa for a 74% bar, or take a little away to make a 73% bar?
    In our view, not only does the ever-so-slightly playful name of this bar highlight the precision with which Claudio Corallo crafts his chocolate, it also gives you a flavour of the balance of the bar, which contains 70% cocoa solids with the bonus 3.5% comprised of the nibs you’ll find scattered on top.
    The ‘soft’ refers to the contrasting textures of the harsh nibs and the much softer, almost pliable, thin bar of chocolate.
    As with so many bars with an inclusion of nibs, the nibs give this bar a nutty, almost woody crunch.  The sweetness of the chocolate itself is a wonderful counterbalance to the somewhat bitter nibs.  Claudio not only makes the bars, he grows the cacao too.
    This absolute familiarity gives him an exceptional understanding of the earthy, mossy flavour profile of his beans, and how to draw them out to maximum effect.  The result is quite remarkable.  With one bite, you are transported thousands of miles away to the jungle of Sao Tome & Principe.
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  • 2 reviews for Claudio Corallo – Dark & Soft 73.5% with Nibs

    • Nick B.

      Nick B.

      October 7, 2015

      Strange one this - a bit vegetal with an almost musty character. I suspect that is the effect of the nibs which give it a more interesing texture but have a rather odd taste

    • Amanda K.

      Amanda K.

      October 4, 2015

      We've been rating our bars on our regular deliveries for the past 6 months now. This bar we rated at 7.5. The nibs are a nice addition, but overall the bar lacks a little depth perhaps.

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Maker description

This maker is no longer available from Cocoa Runners

Maverick chocolate maker Claudio Corallo produces his chocolate from tree to packaged bar on the tiny islands of Principe and Sao Tome. Read more about Claudio Corallo