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Colonna - Mubuga (50g taster bag)

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Colonna - Diego Samuel (50g taster bag)

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    Compare and contrast two Colonna coffees — as tasted in the August and September Coffee tastings with Maxwell.

    Mubuga – Natural Process – Burundi

    This lot is made up of a collection of farmers coffee from the local area surrounding the Mubuga Washing Station, these high quality beans are elected for natural processing means that the coffee is left to ferment with the cherry skins still on – natural processing affects the flavour of a coffee cherry by altering the structure of the sugars in the coffee cherry as the skins ferment. This fermentation is carefully monitored and the fruit is regularly turned while it is drying on large, flat raised beds. This is an important part of the process – to give a clear, fruit-forward flavour profile rather than allowing some beans to over-ferment and develop unwanted flavour taints.

    This particular lot is sweet and spicy, bright acidity of rhubarb and orange is balanced for me by notes of nutmeg & vanilla.

    Diego Samuel Bermudez – Special Fermentation – Colombia

    This coffee is from a very forward-thinking farm, they take into account all the parts of the process that can affect flavour – such as microorganisms, temperature of fermentation, and pH – and use these to direct the flavour of the final coffee! The result means you can ferment a coffee to develop a flavour profile not usually associated with a particular varietal! Very cool.

    This is Castillo varietal which is commonly found in Colombia, but a very specific set of processing at different temperatures and the beans being washed with different pH results in this unique flavour profile unlike any Castillo varietal we have tasted before! It’s full of fruit – strawberry and passionfruit with a creamy long finish abundant with rose aromatics.

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