Colonna Wakyan Coffee, Huehuetenanango Guatemala

Colonna Wakyan Coffee, Huehuetenanango Guatemala


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This coffee starts tart with tangy lemon notes, followed by toffee and coffee cherry flavours and overall it has a very long, sweet and mild mouthfeel.

The beans for this coffee are Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai and Paches grown at an altitude of 1100-1800 meters above sea level and fully washed. Huehuetenango is one of the most famous coffee-growing regions in Guatemala and is considered a “coffee economy” with around 80% of the population makes its living from coffee either directly or indirectly.

Colonna works closely with their partners to create this “Waykan” through marathon cuppings, meticulous record-keeping, and the promise of higher premiums for better quality. Producers who own farms of any size are invited to bring their coffee to be cupped, and whether they bring 2 or 200 bags their coffee is sampled and scored: Coffees that score 85–86 with the clean and crisp Huehuetenango profile are blended into the Wakyan Regional Select coffee lot. Significant price incentives are paid for these beans to reward that quality. In the Maya Q’qnjobal dialect from Huehuetenango, waykan means “star (or light) that shines in the sky at night.”

(And for the record, the region’s name is commonly pronounced “way-way-teh-NAN-go.”)


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