Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairing with Beer52


The perfect gift for any craft beer lover. TCHO’s Classic milk chocolate is rich and sweet with a creamy mouthfeel. Pairing such an indulgent milk chocolate with a pale ale might seem odd, but boy does it delight and accentuate the tropical flavour of the pale ale. We’ve also paired Utopick’s Sierra Nevada dark bar with 71 Brewing’s Apres Apricot pale ale. See which pairing you prefer!

Craft Beer - 71 Brewing - Après Apricot Pale Ale × 2

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Akesson's - Madagascar 75% with Pink Pepper

A luxury dark bar with pink pepper, this fruity chocolate sizzles with a peppery kick. Unexpected floral notes prove the depth of flavour Åkesson’s pours into every bar.

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TCHO SeriousMilk Classic

This seriously sweet and creamy bar, with a buttery texture and a caramel aroma, is certainly one for the milk chocolate lovers.

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Large Presentation Box | 4-5 full-sized bars

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