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We present a chocolate centerpiece with a difference, a craft chocolate sharing board

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    We present a chocolate centerpiece with a difference…

    Charles Dickens once said “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” This gift is ideal for chocolate lovers and enthusiastic entertainers alike. A stylish addition to any dinner table, this board comes with a raised “breaking bar” on which you can easily snap off a square of your chosen bar.

    When we first conceived of the craft chocolate sharing board, it was as an alternative to a cheeseboard, and as a way to share single origin chocolate with family and friends after a meal.  One challenge was immediately clear. Whereas cheese boards are often accompanied by a knife, you can’t easily “cut” chocolate. Rather you “break” or “snap” chocolate – but this can be quite tricky and, often, a bit messy. So we worked with Benedict Wilhelm, an industrial designer, to find a solution. To quote him “we sought to find a simple and elegant way for people to share their chocolate bars. The solution was to insert a brass rail into the board, which acts as a breaking edge for the chocolate, celebrating the chocolate bar with the clean snap it deserves”.

    This item is a board with no bars.

    Inside the Box:

    • A Craft Chocolate Sharing Board
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    Weight 500 g
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