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Diogo Vaz is Sao Tomean through and through. This rich bar, full of delicate floral flavours, was made and grown on the Diogo Vaz plantation in São Tomé.

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This 70% dark chocolate has a rich cocoa flavour and thick mouthfeel, making this a truly indulgent bar. During the melt, the cocoa butter releases delicate floral flavours and, as you near the finish, the chocolate revels in notes of black tea.


The island of São Tomé, lying just off the west coast of Africa in the Gulf of Guinea, was one of the major exporters of cocoa in the 19th century. In 2004, the Kennyson Group, a company known for its work in the development of rural Africa, took over management of one of the island’s oldest plantations, Diogo Vaz. Now, the tree-to-bar chocolate maker of the same name is dedicated to raising the status and incomes of local cocoa farmers by producing award-winning bars within the local community.


As with all of Diogo Vaz’s bars, the beans in this bar were grown on the Diogo Vaz plantation on São Tomé. There they grow signature Amelonado cacao; once found all over Africa, the pure strains of this bean are now extremely rare, as the introduction of hybrids has taken over most African cocoa agriculture.

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1 review for Diogo Vaz – Grand Cru de Amelonado plantation 75%

  1. meghan m.

    Strong dark cocoa, hints of tobacco and a slightly sawdust aftertaste. One to go with red wine!

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