Duffy’s – Oh Juno! 45% Milk Chocolate

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    Duffy is an early supporter and promoter of the ‘Direct Trade’ movement, which goes well beyond Fairtrade standards. Duffy follows a ‘Direct Cacao’ model, in which chocolate makers agree to pay whatever price the farmer asks for his cacao beans – without complaining. This premium paid for the cacao encourages the farmer to take more care of his or her crop, from fermenting the beans well to drying them properly. Working like this also encourages farmers to actually grow ‘fine-flavour’ opposed to ‘bulk’ cacao – the vision behind ‘Direct Cacao’ in changing the future for cacao farmers and fine chocolate.

    In essence, Duffy sources the cacao beans for his chocolate directly from farmers and co-operatives, ensuring a higher price for the farmer and a better quality product.

    Duffy started his chocolate journey in Guatemala, buying cacao from Xoco, who cultivate their cacao strains in distinct locations with specific conditions: factoring in rainfall, altitude, humidity, etc. Duffy’s relationship and trust in Xoco then allowed him to explore different beans from different origins, for example Honduras and Nicaragua. The Chuno bean strain for Duffy’s Oh Juno! grows south of the Lake Managua in Nicaragua.

    Tasting Note

    It is a beautifully soft milk chocolate with hints of hay, figs and red fruit with a sweet caramel aftertaste.

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    Weight 60 g
    Type of Chocolate


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  • Energy2351kJ/502kcal
    of which
    - sugars35g
    Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, milk powder, sunflower lecithin

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Maker description

One of only a handful of manufacturers making chocolate from the bean in the UK, Duffy calls on the technical skills he has acquired from a career in motorsports engineering to bring a highly scientific approach to his chocolate making. Read more about Duffy's Chocolate