Forever Cacao – Ashaninka, Peru 100% Ground Cacao Paste (Ceremonial Cacao, 1kg)

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Forever Cacao is Europe’s longest supplier of the finest Ceremonial Grade Criollo Cacao which has been grown, harvested, fermented and dried by Ashaninka families. It is directly sourced from ancient Cacao gardens in the Rio Ene region of Peru.

Ceremonial cacao is savoured as a pure cocoa drink and is often incorporated into cacao ceremonies. Since cocoa was so revered, cacao ceremonies were events held by the ancient Mesoamerican people in order to celebrate multiple different events (births, weddings, deaths, etc.), reconnect with nature, and enjoy the medicinal properties of cacao. Though little is known about the details of the ceremonies, we understand that a 100% cacao drink was consumed – a far cry from the commodity hot chocolate drinks sold today. Pablo, Forever Cacao’s founder, claims that:

“Drinking Cacao in it’s purest form allows a deeper connection to ourselves, our own intuition, knowing and inner guidance. The joy of Cacao has recently been rediscovered in the western World, with people consuming it in a pure form and receiving support and messages from the Cacao spirit.”

For a deeper dive into cacao ceremonies, please see the blog.


Pablo Spaull crafts his unroasted chocolate deep in the Welsh countryside. For all his bars he uses Peruvian beans that, with the help of Ecotribal, he buys directly from Ashaninka co-operatives. They live in the rainforest and on the banks of the Rio Ene. Growing cacao and coffee gives the Ashaninka a sustainable income and helps them preserve the rainforest.

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Forever Cacao is a Welsh bean to bar chocolate maker, founded in 2011 by Pablo Spaull. Read more about Forever Cacao

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