French Broad – Anamalai, India 71% Dark

By French Broad Chocolates


A rich, single-origin dark bar with notes of sweet strawberries, tart cherries, and hibiscus tea.

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A single-origin bar from a top-shelf Indian cacao. The Anamalai Farm, where this cacao is grown, is a cocoa, coconut, and nutmeg farm located near the town of Pollachi; a spot with endless fields of tea and abundant spices grown in biodiverse forests.


When Dan and Jael Rattigan met at a wedding in 2003, the path to creating French Broad Chocolate was not on either of their minds. But after dropping out of graduate school, packing their lives into a 40-foot vegetable oil-powered school bus (converted by Dan), and moving south to Costa Rica to set up a Bread and Chocolate Cafe (no really!), they decided to return to North Carolina to pursue the chocolate dream. The business began out of their home kitchen, but demand quickly grew and in 2012, Dan and Jael opened French Broad Chocolate Factory & Tasting Room.


The Anamalai Farm produces beans on a family-owned, single estate near the foothills of the Anamalai Mountain Range.

Cacao has been produced in India for more than 50 years. Right at the end of the British Colonial Rule in India, around 1948, UK chocolate giant Cadbury set up operations in India for the distribution and sale of its products. Initially, it imported already-made chocolate from the UK. It was not long, however, before Cadbury’s saw an opportunity: India’s climate is suitable for cacao, so why not manufacture chocolate in India, using cacao beans grown in the country? To this day, the majority of cacao grown in India heads to Mondelez (the owner of Cadbury). Given the size of India, however, its cacao production remains small, representing only 0.3% of the world’s production.

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