Hogarth – Conacado Dominican Republic

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  • dark

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    This Dominican Republic dark from Hogarth is richly flavoured with an extra sprinkling of decadence.

    Hogarth’s darkest bar has slighty grainy, almost fudge-like texture. Hints of filter coffee with a citrus edge begin the bar. The dark chocolate bar has a creamy quality that mixes with the coffee creating the flavour of cafe latte. Throughout we detected an undertone of the chocolatey flavours common in Dominican cacao.

    Hogarth’s Dominican beans come from the Conacado cooperative.

    Concado was founded in 1988 and links over 9,000 small-scale (most have less than 3 hectares of land) cocoa producers through seven regional departments. Concado is dedicated to returning at least 90% of the global market price for cocoa beans to Dominican farmers, who generally receive a much smaller percentage.

    The cooperative helps the farmers improve their post-harvest techniques (such as fermentation) and organic farming methods. With the support of Conacado, fewer cocoa farmers abandon their properties every year. Many have been able to free themselves from debts and even build themselves new homes

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    Weight 70 g
    Type of Chocolate

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  • Energy967kJ/231kcal
    of which
    - saturates22.6g
    of which
    - sugars25g
    Milk (traces), nuts (traces)
    Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter

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