Idilio Origins Cooperativa Amazonas

By Idilio Origins

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  • Description

    A subtle and well-rounded 72% dark chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa with an interesting burnt caramel flavour note.

    This bar is made with very special cocao beans. It is believed that the original, precious Criollo cacao originates from an area deep in the rainforest of South Venezuela at the source of the Orinoco. A very small village in this area is occupied by a group of indigenous people who belong to the tribe of the ‘Yanomami’ – and these people operate a cocoa cooperative, called ‘Amazonas’.

    They collect the wild cocoa which grows around the village and ferment it perfectly in wooden boxes. After drying it out in the sun, they have to transport the cocoa beans on canoes on a three day journey along to the nearest road and at the same time, keep it dry.

    The quality of the wild cacao is consistently amazing.

    This bar achieved a Bronze at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2017.

  • Additional information

    Weight 80 g
    Type of Chocolate


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    Cocoa Percentage

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  • 2 reviews for Idilio Origins Cooperativa Amazonas

    • Dina A.

      Dina A.

      February 28, 2015

      At first there is just a little hint of sweetness but then the notes develop into kiwi and pecan, and finish with apple, pear flavours. Little hints of lemon throughout. I really like this bar with its complexity and wide range of flavours

    • Joshua D.

      Joshua D.

      February 24, 2015

      A very solid dark chocolate indeed. Excellent snap and a rewarding crunch on the first bite! At first appear a little simple but more complex favours, citrus (as it says!), peat, and a few others quickly come out. A genuinely refreshing after taste with strong lemon hints rounds off a thoroughly commendable treat.

  • Energy2389kJ/565kcal
    of which
    - saturates27.6g
    of which
    - sugars26.7g
    Soybeans (traces), milk (traces), nuts (traces)
    Cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter

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Maker description

This maker is no longer available from Cocoa Runners

Idilio are a Swiss chocolate company whose award winning chocolate is the product of their continual search for rare Criollo cocoa beans. Read more about Idilio Origins