Jubilee Milk Craft Chocolate Gift Box


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To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we have put together some of the best makers from the UK. All of these featured bars will satisfy those of you who have a sweeter tooth, since they are all exceptional milk chocolates. These bars are also presented in a bespoke gift box. Make the Jubilee even sweeter with this wonderful gift.

NearyNogs – Toasted Oat Milk Mourne Bar (White)
This delicious white bar has a distinctive flavour profile of toasted oats, which extends into a wonderfully creamy finish with hints of caramelised nuts.

Forever Cacao – Coconut Milk 55%
This is a vegan ‘milk’ chocolate that has been crafted using coconut milk instead of dairy. The sweet flavour of the coconut comes through giving the bar a refreshing floral note.  Both rich and cooling, the chocolate bar finishes with an earthy sweetness.

Chocolate Tree – Chililique, Peru 50% Dark Milk
This 50% dark milk chocolate has a unique and interesting flavour profile. Chocolate Tree has coaxed out the acidic and bright notes out of the Chililique cacao, and harmonised it with the creaminess and sweetness of the milk and sugar. The bar has an almost juicy quality, like tart berries bursting in your mouth.

Pump Street Chocolate – Kekeli, Togo (Swiss) Milk 44%
Pump Street have created this luxuriously creamy bar, reminiscent of a classic Swiss chocolate. There are gentle spices and notes of caramel, creating a sumptuous cheesecake flavour profile.


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