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Krakakoa’s name took inspiration from the volcano “Krakatoa” to reflect the chocolate as being proudly Indonesian. Krakakoa started as an experiment, to test firstly whether it was possible to make high quality chocolate at a small scale in Indonesia, secondly whether the founders could actually cooperate with local cocoa farmers, and thirdly whether those local farmers would benefit from moving from “bulk cacao” to “fine cacao”. In 2016, the brand promise developed even further and became more expressive; Sabrina and Simon sharpened their brand’s promise to a commitment to showcase the best cacao from the Indonesian archipelago.

The cacao in this bar grows in the village of Saludengen in West Sulawesi, the 11th largest island in the world, in the midst of lush green hills and waterways. Sulawesi is typically known for its ‘bulk cacao’, but as Krakakoa embraces using ‘fine flavour’ cacao grown in Indonesia, this bar has somewhat become an exemplar of Sulawesi’s cacao-growing potential.

This 75% dark chocolate is on the deeper, darker side of the flavour spectrum, with notes of black tea, cedar, and hops.

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