Kristy Leissle: 17th June Tasting Box


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What’s in the box?

Moka – ABOCFA, Ghana, 72% Dark
This dark chocolate bar has an intense chocolatey taste on first melt, developing cinnamon and stone fruit notes.

Feitoria do Cacao -São Tomé 72% + Flor de Sal
This 72% dark chocolate is fruity and intense, with the flakes of salt adding a touch of the sea and slight added sweetness.

Fjak – Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania 80% Dark
This intense dark chocolate experiences highs of apricot and raisin before a round finish with hints of banana.

Menakao – Milk Chocolate 45%
As this chocolate melts, the rich, chocolatey flavour comes alive with a burst of red fruit and citrus notes. Meanwhile, vanilla and butter notes evoke a sweetness of caramel. This is a truly original milk bar.

Menakao – Dark Chocolate 80%
A sensationally fruity chocolate for those who like their flavours just a little more intense. The high citrus notes here sharpen the natural fruitiness and acidity which make Madagascan cocoa beans so famously adored.

MIA – 65% Dark Chocolate with Baobab & Salted Nibs
Rich 65% dark chocolate is infused with the citrusy zing of African baobab powder and topped with a sprinkling of salted cocoa nibs, to create a savoury crunch that gives way to natural notes of red fruit.

Catch up:

Don’t worry if you missed out on this session when it aired; you can still enjoy the chocolate and watch the recording from the comfort of home:


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