Lucocoa – White Chocolate with Matcha

By Lucocoa


A creamy white chocolate bar infused with matcha tea.

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This unique tea mixed with Lucocoa’s signature Natural Blonde bar creates a beautifully delicate blend of matcha with creamy caramel cues. The matcha which is used in this bar is grown in Uji, in Kyoto prefecture, Japan and known for its key differentiating characteristics — vivid pine green colour, refreshing ‘oika’ (覆い香) aromas and an exquisite savoury ‘umami’ (うま味) flavour profile.


Ama and Andy started Lucocoa in December 2014. Based in North London, there pair were the first bean-to-bar chocolate makers to launch in the capital. The idea was to create bars that were compatible with Ama’s loves of both chocolate and exercise. She came up with the tagline Not Naughty / Just Nice to express how Lucocoa’s bars are better for you but without compromising on flavour.  Rather than using refined sugar, Lucocoa sweeten all the their bars with just coconut sugar and Lucuma powder (hence the name). Lucuma is a subtropical fruit, native to the Andean valleys of Peru, Ecuador and Chile. The dry yellow flesh has a unique sweet taste that is often compared to sweet potato or maple. When dried, this so-called superfood can be used as a natural sweetener, adding an unusual flavour dimension to Lucocoa’s bars.

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