Lumineux – Ghana Dark 80%

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This 80% dark bar is a surprise in its simplicity. Uncharacteristic sweetness of a chocolate this dark is complemented by notes of molasses, vanilla and coffee, as well as a deep nuttiness. The richness of this bar shows off these Ghanaian beans on a whole new level.


When Ben and Becca Snyder stumbled into the world of craft chocolate, it became an instant love. Having spent 20 combined years in the restaurant industry, Ben as a pastry chef and Becca as a cake decorator and baker, creating Lumineux became an opportunity to use their collective skills to create unique flavour combinations in unusual ways. Since 2019, the pair have been opening palates to new flavour profiles, all while using sustainable ingredients associated with the regions their cocoa beans are sourced.


These beans were sourced from ABOCFA, a farmer cooperative in Ghana known for producing the highest quality traceable cacao in the region. Currently this co-op network has a total of 679 farmers, 166 of which are women. One of the things that makes ABOCFA stand out (aside from their beans) is their bean tracking system, which is used to trace beans from the farmer to the export; something that is not currently done in Ghana. The cooperative also holds democratic votes to decide where quality and Fair Trade premiums go each year, and have partnered with the International Cocoa Initiative to focus on the child labour issues which have plagued the cacao supply chain in West Africa.

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Cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cane sugar