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This is a dark chocolate that will hit you with an intense fruity and citrus flavour from the moment it starts to melt. Look out for notes of cider and balsamic under all those fruit flavours too. That fruitiness is typical of cocoa from the island of Madagascar, but we think it’s especially notable in this bar. This bar has been sweetened just enough to release the full flavour of the cocoa, and has a long and subtly acidic finish.

This bar doesn’t just taste good, it does good. Madagascan chocolate maker Menakao proudly crafts its chocolate on the island, using only local ingredients. Unfortunately, this is rare even for craft chocolate – it’s estimated that less than 5% of the world’s chocolate is produced in the same country the cocoa is grown. By making the chocolate in Madagascar in addition to growing the cacao on the island, Menakao generate about 4-5 times the benefit of Fair Trade for the local Madagascan economy.

In honour of the men and women of Madagascar of all ethnicities who are at the heart of Menakao chocolate, Menakao decided that the bars should proudly bear the image “not [of] the face of Madagascar, but [of] Madagascan faces.” The beautiful image on the wrapping of this bar is of a Mahafaly man. The Mahafaly (Mahafaly meaning “those who make happy”) live in small groups scattered around the arid and sparsely vegetated region south west of Madagascar. Once feared warriors, they are beginning to become internationally renowned for their skilled craftsmanship, particularly in woodwork, jewellery and tattoo artistry.

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10 reviews for Menakao – Dark Chocolate 72%

  1. David S.

    After a mix up with the Post Office delivery, which was totally out of Cocoa Runners control, I finally received this chocolate. My first impression was smooth and definitely fruity. I did not get the citrus but detected a slight acidity which may well be the balsamic vinegar influence. Overall I liked it.

  2. Liza A.

    Before reading the notes I thought this had a lovely fruity taste and was my favourite of the 4 that came in our first box.

  3. Ben S.

    It’s a nice dark chocolate, but compared to some of the others you can get on this shop it doesn’t really stand out.

  4. Zoe C.

    Super surprised at the reviews that say this is gritty! That is not my experience at all. Prior to this I’d had Menakao Milk, which is also great but I think this is just slightly better (if you like dark chocolate!).

  5. Paweł F.

    Light brown in colour, could almost confuse it with milk chocolate from some angles. Very faint bitterness on the nose. Taste starts with a citrus notes, and ends on pinot noir grapes, but has very little in between. Definitely interesting, but could use a bit more depth between the two ends.

  6. Morten C.

    This chocolate is anything but smooth.
    In terms of taste, this packs a citrus-y punch, but it’s not that acidic, in my opinion. It has a good taste, but it’s gritty. It is very gritty.

  7. Al L.

    Gritty and rough. Couldn’t get beyond that to appreciate the flavour. Not my kind of chocolate at all I’m afraid.

  8. Jonathan R.

    The immediate impression is the mouth full of grit or sand. The texture of the bar I tried was so in my face that it distracted from actually determining the flavours of the underlying chocolate such that I can only say that it tasted OK, but did not seem to go anywhere. Not an experience I am keen to repeat when there are better balances out there.

  9. Douglas G.

    Out of the ?5 bars I got this one was the best!

  10. Lucinda D.

    Delicious and very citrusy. Also love the packaging.

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Maker description

One of only a few chocolate makers in the world that make chocolate at the source, Madagascar-based Menakao produce some a deliciously fruity range of bars using local beans. Read more about Menakao

Energy2485kJ / 594kcal
of which
- saturates10.39g
of which
- sugars36.5g
Milk (traces), nuts (traces)
Cocoa beans, cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin