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    This box featuring three taster bars from Menakao is an excellent introduction to the world of craft chocolate as a whole, with a particular focus on Madagascan chocolate.

    Inside are one plain and two flavoured dark chocolate taster bars, each bursting with unique and complex flavours.

    All three bars are crafted in Madagascar from Madagascan cacao by Menakao.  By locating its production facilities at origin, Menakao contributes 4 – 5 times the premium of Fairtrade sales to the local economy. The local community benefits from skills and infrastructure, and our fellow chocolate lovers benefit from great tasting bars that draw on locally available ingredients – from pepper to sea salt and coffee – to flavour their bars.

    First is a milk chocolate bar.  A fruity, fudgy milk chocolate bar, with a vanilla twist.  As with so many Madagascan bars, cranberries, orange and raspberries burst forth from the first bite, but this time with a touch of cream.

    Next is a bar flavoured with Bird Chili. At first bite, the typical red berry notes of the Madagascan chocolate dominate. As it melts, the bird chili dominates but still with a pleasantly fruity background note. A bar for those who like their chocolate hot.

    Finally we have a dark chocolate bar with cocoa nibs and sea salt. The combination of Madagascan crunchy cacao nibs and sea salt gives this chocolate an authentic and intense flavour that pairs well with the sharp red fruit notes of the cocoa.

    Please note: we are able to offer this gift at such an exceptional price as the bars are fairly short dated.  They are due to expire at the end of September this year.


    • Three beautifully packaged dark chocolate mini bars.
    • Bars from Menakao
  • Coming soon.

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