Mišina Čokoláda – 60% Dark Milk Chocolate

By Misina Cokolada

  • creamy
  • hazelnut
  • milk

  • Description

    Misina Cokolada is the culmination of Michaela Dohnálková’s passion for chocolate. Although having always loved chocolate, it wasn’t until Michaela received a present from her husband – the book ‘Real Chocolate’ by Chantal Coady – that she began dreaming of making her own chocolate. This dream, however, was put on hold. After moving to Dublin with her husband, this was the first time Michaela tried small batch, bean to bar chocolate – her eyes were suddenly open to the wonders of craft chocolate. Still in awe, a move back to the Czech Republic set Michaela on her own journey of crafting chocolate from bean to bar.

    Misina Cokolada buys its beans from few selected fine flavour cacao-growing origins. This 60% dark milk chocolate is made from cacao grown by a network of smallholder farmers in Tanzania. The beans are then bought and centrally fermented by Kokoa Kamili, who pay a lot of attention to fermentation. For example, monitoring the temperature and pH so to achieve a uniform, high quality process. Any batches that fail to meet Kokoa Kamili’s expectations are further evaluated to check for “off-flavours” and are not exported.

    This dark milk chocolate is creamy and very nutty in flavour, with an extremely milky aroma. The texture is buttery, lending itself to a beautifully smooth melt. This is a milk chocolate that is perfect for those wanting the creaminess and sweetness of a milk chocolate and the cocoa-richness of a dark chocolate.

  • Additional information

    Weight 80 g

    Maker Country

    Type of Chocolate

    Bean Origin


    Cocoa Percentage

    Cocoa Content

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  • Energy2445kJ/588kcal
    of which
    - saturates26g
    of which
    - sugars34g

    Allergens coming soon.

    Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder

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