Pacari Raw (unroasted) 70%

By Pacari

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Unfortunately this bar is no longer available in our Library. Please see below for four bars that we think you will enjoy.

This chocolate features natural green and earthy notes, with hints of unripe banana and liquorice. We love the smooth texture, intense taste and earthy finish.

Pacari are pioneers of ethical bean-to-bar production and their unroasted chocolate is produced entirely within Ecuador.

Back in 2009, Santiago launched bars that, in his words “all the cocoa ingredients are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavour profile of our carefully selected cacao” and titled them “RAW”. It is important to note that he makes no claim, nor offers any guarantee, as to what temperature the beans may reach during fermentation, drying, roasting, concheing or tempering.

If you are a “raw” food purist who does not want to eat any food heated to e.g., over 42 degrees, this product may not be for you. We are not aware of anyone who has fermented cacao outside of an oxidation chamber at below 42 degrees. When choosing a chocolate bar we believe that the focus should be on the ingredients, quality of the beans and craftsmanship of the maker, rather than whether or not the beans have somehow been processed at sufficiently low temperatures to meet specific new dietary definitions. And in the case of Pacari’s bars, these bars are not only crafted from high quality beans that are sourced from small, independent, growers and farmers, but they also taste great. In 2012 this bar was voted the best dark chocolate at the International Chocolate Awards.

This bar is certified organic, soy free, gluten free and kosher.

Note: Sourcing constraints mean that occasionally we can only obtain Pacari products in EU packaging (e.g., German or French)

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26 reviews for Pacari Raw (unroasted) 70%

  1. Aisling M.

    First try of raw chocolate. Very different, refreshing, and already planning on placing an order to try their other offerings.

  2. Elin D.

    This is one of the nicest raw chocolate bars I have ever tried.

  3. Matthew M.

    It has a strong earthy aroma and it shows in the taste too. There is indeed a slight banana quality to it and you can tell the difference from roasted chocolate. It’s fairly tannic towards the end. I’m certainly interested in raw chocolate.

  4. Isabella W.

    Too fruity, did not suit my taste

  5. William T.

    My rating reflects my enjoyment of the product, not necessarily it’s quality. I’m sure it’s exemplary stuff. Quite savoury and bright, vegetal and green fruit flavours, notes of green tea. Long smooth breakdown reveals the cane sugar as it melts (I found this a bit odd, like the cacao and the sugar weren’t unified properly). A complex and distinctive ‘specialist’ chocolate with dry tannins on the finish.

  6. Joanne R.

    a little underwhelming. Earthy, grassy tones as described in the tasting notes but not the rich intense full flavour I was hoping for.

  7. Jordan W.

    Strong fruit notes, slightly bitter finish. Rich flavor but a little too fruity for my taste.

  8. Julian B.

    Rich, smooth, not as bitter as expected. Raw chocolate for those who don’t usually like raw?

  9. Joseph B.

    Tasting notes were spot on.

  10. Marnie P.

    I’ve been waiting to try this Pacari bar, I’m dedicated to the raw process and love dark chocolate. Pacari’s reputation and hype is well deserved, amazing flavour and texture.

  11. Morten C.

    I have to say, I found this chocolate very underwhelming. It has a smooth feel in my opinion, and a rich taste, but overall I found it too restrained.

  12. Roberto Z.

    The first shipment from Cocoa Runners is really great and Pacari Raw 70% is definitely the best bar in the set and one of the best I’ve ever tasted before.

  13. Lesley J.

    Pacari 70% has a great snap and a deep raisiny aroma. On the tongue it melts well, and even though ‘raw’ has a great warm flavour of fruit and nuts. I’m not normally a fan of raw chocolate, but for this I will make an exception.
    One question, what beans are these? I may have missed it on the info, but I do need to know, y’know!

  14. Jillian F.

    This was part of my first shipment. I like raw chocolate in general and feel this is the best raw chocolate bar I have tried to date. I enjoyed the intensity and earthiness of the chocolate.

  15. Jonathan R.

    I really loved this: a deep, interesting bar with flavours that develop throughout the time in the mouth. Regrettably I finished this a few weeks ago and didn’t get a chance to review it at the time so I cannot give more detail – only to say that I would welcome a repeat. I haven’t been too keen on “raw” bars previously, but this was accessible and complex.

  16. JoJo S.

    Surprising and really intense taste , even with a little square bit . A bit too much for my liking.

  17. Rachel W.

    Surprising taste… but not unpleasant… which lingers on the palette, like a happy, warm memory.

  18. Dina A.

    Ooh what a great bar. Very green and quite fruity. Reminds me of green bananas and coconut, giving it a nice tropical sweetness. The first raw chocolate bar I’ve tried and I love it, I was expecting a lot of bitterness but it’s just lovely. You only need a small square of this chocolate to be satisfied, meaning it will last a long time

  19. Laura C.

    The taste of this bar was interesting, smoky and almost vegetal but there was something about the mouth feel and texture which meant this really wasn’t my favourite, I guess this was due to the fact it was never heated sufficiently to temper the cocoa solids to get the normal smooth texture and melt I associate with high quality chocolate

  20. Gilli K.

    Just received my first box. Shipped within the week of registering which is a fast service. Just tried a little bit of the Pacari 70% and it is lovely. Nice dark chocolate taste with almost a hint of cherry for a little sweetness. Texture is good. I think i am going to regret thinking i will share this chocolate with my partner Rich because it is just so nice. looking forward to trying the others. Thanks Lee for the link. Beats cake…… hang on did i just say it beats cake……
    hmmmm if there is a cake with this kinda quality of chocolate omg!!!!!!! i have died and gone to heaven LOL!

  21. Joshua D.

    Fruity, dark and with a simply brilliant snap.


    Interesting flavours, but a bit too “raw” for our taste. Might be tolerable in very small doses, but one bar at one sitting between 2 people is a square too far.

  23. Irene C.

    Wasn’t sure what to expect with a raw bar but was pleasantly surprised. I found the description card to be accurate to my palate (natural green and earthy tones) but i found it had an overwhelming hoppy/beer overtone which i enjoyed. Looking forward to trying other bars from Pacari.

  24. Lee D.

    My 2nd Cocoarunners bar, again shared with my office (I think I’ve started a tradition I’ll come to regret).

    Again a unanimously positive reaction to the deep rich chocolate flavour, slight astringency, and lingering smoky quality…

    It would’ve got a 4* review except for the mouth feel/melt, which was powdery, almost gritty. Not entirely unpleasant during eating, but left me feeling like I had a coating over my teeth and tongue. Like drinking that last sip of espresso made with too fine a grind.

  25. Gordon H.

    Probably one of the best tasting chocolates I have ever had. I believe that Pacari do not roast the cocoa beans in the making of this product – unlike the traditional method. However, this results in a wonderful dark chocolate with grassy almost pineapple/tropical overtones… I just didn’t believe that chocolate could produce such complexity on the palate. I will be buying a few more of these!!

  26. Louise N.

    A small square of this extraordinary chocolate certainly distracted me from my pile of invoices and took me to another place for a moment in time. You cannot multi-task when you are eating this chocolate. Good length.

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Pacari makes chocolate from the tree to the bar at source in Ecuador. Best known for their award winning "Raw" chocolate, they have a full range of delicious flavoured and unflavoured bars too. Read more about Pacari

Energy2556kJ / 611kcal
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- saturates22g
of which
- sugars39g

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Organic cacao paste, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter, sunflower lecithin