Pacari Raw (unroasted) With Salt & Nibs

By Pacari

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    Unfortunately this bar is no longer available in our Library. Please see below for four bars that we think you will enjoy.

    Made with 70% unroasted Ecuadorian cocoa beans, this dark chocolate is flavoured with cocoa nibs & salt. Refreshing, earthy and salty

    This bar is certified organic, soy free, gluten free and kosher.

    Note: Sourcing constraints mean that occasionally we can only obtain Pacari products in EU packaging (e.g., German or French)

    Back in 2009, Santiago launched bars that, in his words “all the cocoa ingredients are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavour profile of our carefully selected cacao” and titled them “RAW”. It is important to note that he makes no claim, nor offers any guarantee, as to what temperature the beans may reach during fermentation, drying, roasting, concheing or tempering.

    If you are a “raw” food purist who does not want to eat any food heated to e.g., over 42 degrees, this product may not be for you. We are not aware of anyone who has fermented cacao outside of an oxidation chamber at below 42 degrees. When choosing a chocolate bar we believe that the focus should be on the ingredients, quality of the beans and craftsmanship of the maker, rather than whether or not the beans have somehow been processed at sufficiently low temperatures to meet specific new dietary definitions. And in the case of Pacari’s bars, these bars are not only crafted from high quality beans that are sourced from small, independent, growers and farmers, but they also taste great.

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This maker is no longer available from Cocoa Runners

Pacari makes chocolate from the tree to the bar at source in Ecuador. Best known for their award winning "Raw" chocolate, they have a full range of delicious flavoured and unflavoured bars too. Read more about Pacari