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Cacao fruits (or pods) grow on trees in tropical countries. Inside the fruits, beans are covered with a white layer of pulp. The industry only harvests the beans to produce chocolate, and the pulp is left behind, on the soil, unused.

Rather than letting it go to waste, Pacha turns the delicious pulp into an extra source of income for cacao farmers and allows you to discover this refreshing, new fruit juice!

We are stocking Pacha de Cacao in trays of 2 bottles and 6 bottles, and they are currently shipping UK-only.

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Cacao fruit consists of 20% beans, 30% pulp and 50% peel. Currently, only the beans are used by the industry to make chocolate; the pulp is left behind, on the soil, unused.

Farmers have always known that the pulp is delicious and nutritious. More than 5300 years ago, indigenous people in Ecuador were already guzzling the pulp. Pacha celebrates this ancient farmer tradition, turns it into an extra source of income for farmers. Farmers are highly dependent on their harvest for their income and do not earn enough to live from. Buying the pulp from them means they will obtain a higher added value from the same fruit, and therefore, a more stable income.

Not only is this refreshing new fruit juice good for farmers, Pacha claims that it’s great for giving you a positive energy boost:

  • It has 3 times more magnesium of it than a cup of spinach.
  • It has more than triple the amount of manganese compared to a cup of pineapple juice.
  • It also contains phosphorus and more vitamin B1 than an orange.


Imagine mango, lychee, pear, pineapple and honey… all coming together in one glass. It’s a beautiful balance between (natural) sweetness and acidity. A burst of tropical flavors with a tangy twist. A taste of the Amazon!

As Annalisa Barbieri wrote in her Notes on Chocolate column for the Guardian:

“I wasn’t expecting to like it but I loved it – though it doesn’t taste of chocolate (sorry), but like a very gentle pear/lychee juice.”

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1 review for Pacha de Cacao – Cacao Pulp Juice

  1. Mary N.

    I love this juice .A bit pricey but well worth a try and it’s good for you.

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