Mother’s Day Tickled Pink Gin by Simon Rimmer Gift Box

Mother’s Day Tickled Pink Gin by Simon Rimmer Gift Box


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Enter our Mother’s Day Instagram competition for a chance to win this fabulous bundle (as well as a handmade gin glass, copper jigger, and a personalised message from Simon Rimmer). 

Spoil your mum this Mother’s Day with our fabulous Pink Gin and Chocolate Gift Bundle, presented in a beautiful gift box.

We have chosen Tappers’ Tickled Pink Gin by Simon Rimmer because we haven’t found a more delicious and refreshing pink gin yet. If your mum is a fan of velvety rose flavour notes and a delicately sweetened finish, then this is not to be missed.

We have paired this premium gin with four of our most popular ‘pink’ bars.

Pump Street – Madagascar 58% Milk: The notes of caramel and treacle are particularly prevalent in this bar, and as they round off in zesty finish, the natural creaminess of the whole milk chocolate is brought out. The contrasting flavours work wonderfully on the palette.

Standout – Urubamba, Peru 70% Dark: This fruity bar from Swedish maker Standout Chocolate is full of rich floral notes and highs of dark fruits and blueberry.

Original Beans – Piura Porcelana: This delicately floral dark chocolate has bright highs of raspberry, dried prunes, and pecan. Made in Switzerland from Peruvian beans, this classic Original Beans creation is sure to satisfy with its vibrant intensity, rounded off with roasted notes in a silky smooth melt.

Akesson’s – Madagascar 75% with Pink Pepper: This 75% chocolate from renowned chocolate maker Åkesson’s is full of the fruity-sweet tartness and red berry tones typical of his Madagascan cocoa. Pink peppercorns add a touch of heat and some unexpected floral notes that come through as the chocolate melts on your tongue. An exotic, warming chocolate experience that we think everyone should try.




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