Pump Street Bakery – Crayfish Estate, Grenada 70%

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    Chris Brennan, founder of Pump Street Bakery, hails from the Caribbean and has always wanted to craft a bar from the West Indies.  And boy has he succeeded with Crayfish Cacao!  This bar has extraordinary depth of berry flavours that last and last and last.  The bar also has Pump Street’s classic chunky texture enabling one to savour this depth.

    The source of these beans, Crayfish Bay Estate, is a farm in Grenada with some distinctive management practices. Kim Russel, the owner of the estate, has delegated the running of the estate, recruitment decisions, wage structure, working practises, etc to the workers.  In return the workers receive 90% of the returns on the wet cacao. Kim keeps the other 10% and is responsible for the sweating, drying and marketing of the beans. A truly fair trade arrangement, with the returns split according to the amount of work performed by each party.

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  • 2 reviews for Pump Street Bakery – Crayfish Estate, Grenada 70%

    • Matthew M.

      Matthew M.

      July 22, 2019

      It opens with notes of toffee and honey and as it melts it provides a blackcurrant fruitiness. However it has a slightly strange note that comes through that I can best describe is like pork fat. It's not pronounced, but it is enough to make it less appealing to me. It might be that this bar developed such flavours through exposure to the summer heat, I don't know.

    • Farrah L.

      Farrah L.

      October 31, 2018


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Maker description

As makers of both bread and chocolate, UK-based maker Pump St Bakery is a truly unique company. Set up by father and daughter team Chris and Joanna, they really care about making high quality chocolate, managing their production process with a forensic attention to detail. Read more about Pump Street Chocolate