Qantu – Gran Blanco, Peru 70% Dark (Carton of 10)

By Qantu


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This order contains a carton of 10 Gran Blanco, Peru 70% Dark bars.


As the name suggests, this bar has a remarkably pale, amber colouring. The gentle chocolate has layer upon layer of effervescent flavours. Sharp currants along with other berries come through. The chocolate is almost juicy, with a beautiful acidity. Finally we noted a touch of treacle on the finish.


When Maxime & Elfi first decided to delve into craft chocolate, they returned to where they first met, in Elfi’s home country of Peru. Starting off in Lima, they visited Salon du Chocolat to begin the process of creating relationships with different producers. They then went on to visit a number of farmers and co-operatives to find their perfect beans.


The beans in this bar come from the Norandino cooperative. This well-sized cooperative has managed to create a market for its high-quality beans and dissociate from the market price. The well-organised farmers have a long heritage of cacao. All of this enables the farmers to perfect their processes and make a healthy living off their cocoa farming.

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Weight 60 g
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Qantu is a Quebecois chocolate maker making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. Read more about Qantu

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Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter