Soklet – Anamalai, India 100% Dark Chocolate

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Soklet – Anamalai, India 100% Dark Chocolate

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This zero-sugar, 100% dark chocolate is made from beans grown and crafted in India, and contains earthy hints of red fruit and honey that perfectly offset the cocoa’s natural bitterness.

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Intense 100% dark chocolate is something we think everyone should try. Containing cocoa solids and nothing else, bars are packed full of antioxidants and hold the full richness of flavour naturally present in cocoa beans. This Indian chocolate has rich depths of earth, honey, and red fruit – perfect for 100% lovers and those looking for zero-sugar alternatives.


 In 2015, brothers-in-law Karthikeyan Palaniswamy and Harish Manoj Kumar decided over a few drinks that they would become India’s first ever tree-to-bar chocolate maker. Harish’s family has been growing cocoa on Regal Plantation since 2005, primarily as an “intercrop” to boost the farm’s healthy diversity, and then later as a valuable product in its own right. But they felt it wasn’t getting the recognition its beautiful flavour profile deserved. So they set out to change that – by producing bars full of flavour and brimming with quality.


Every bean in Soklet’s bars started life on their plantations in the foothills of the Anamalai, close to the Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary in southern India. Grown without pesticides among the plantation’s other crops – coconut, pepper, nutmeg, and banana – this special Indian cocoa benefits from the diversity of wildlife and assumes a wonderfully nuanced flavour profile, holding onto the subtle aromas from its neighbouring plants.

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2 reviews for Soklet – Anamalai, India 100% Dark Chocolate

  1. Elisa C.

    I couldn’t finish it. It’s the first time in my life I had to throw away some chocolate.

  2. Julie M.

    Something about the texture reminds me of a Cadbury’s flake – it has a pleasant crumbly-ness in the mouth like a dense flake. A nice level of bitterness, quite savoury and earthy. I don’t get the red fruit so much, it’s not as fruity as a typical Madagascan 100% for me.

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