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    Soma’s 100% cacao bar is crafted from a blend of Venezuelan Porcelana cacao  with seasonal and complimentary origins.

    The beans are roasted, refined, and conched, without the addition of sugar, emulsifiers or flavourings. A potent substance that may bring about an unexpected change of consciousness.

    The chocolate is as intense as you might expect (and want) in a 100% cacao bar, but thanks to Soma’s characteristic smooth texture and thin bar, the chocolate melts beautifully, without leaving any bitter powder. An initial earthy greenness is enveloped by a thicker, buttery note with a roasted edge. Towards the end we detected more fruit with a hint of citrus. When we tasted it again, this secondary dimension or red currant jam came through much more strongly.

    Crafting 100% chocolate is hard – without sugar, milk or any added flavourings, everything from the roast, to the conch to how well the bar was tempered is that bit more obvious. But despite the challenges, Soma have crafted a very well-balanced bar.

    The intensity of 100% chocolate, combined with the much higher level of flavanoids means that people often find their chocolate craving is quickly sated and they struggle to even have a second piece. But the well balanced and many layered flavours of this bar might just have you reaching for a third or fourth piece.

    Tasting Notes

    This 100% chocolate bar has flavours of cashews, aromatic  liquorice notes, a pink grapefruit brightness, and a grounding grass-y edge. This is an exceptionally balanced 100%, one that we are delighted to share within our library

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    Weight 65 g
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    • Jon W.

      Jon W.

      March 16, 2021

      Great tasting the best 100% so far and can definitely keep enjoying the flavours bite after bite

  • Energy2677kJ/640kcal
    of which
    - saturates32g
    Cereals containing gluten (traces), peanuts (traces), soybeans (traces), milk (traces), nuts (traces)
    Cacao nibs

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Toronto-based Soma have been crafting 'micro batch' chocolate from the bean since 2003. Read more about Soma

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