Standout – PISA, Haiti 60% Dark Milk (Carton of 12)

By Standout Chocolate



x12 Standout – PISA, Haiti 60% Dark Milk:


This 60% dark milk chocolate has a smooth melting texture. It’s fudgy with a toasty and malted flavour. It’s an incredibly interesting milk chocolate bar, with little bitterness and lots of creaminess. Why not compare and contrast with Standout’s 60% Dark Milk Madagascar?


Standout Chocolate launched onto the craft chocolate scene as a one-man-band in 2018. Fredrik Martinsson, Standout’s founder, has a background in engineering and specialty coffee, and he uses that experience and skillset to craft his award-winning chocolate in Kållered, Sweden. He sources his cocoa beans directly from co-operatives and farmers all over the world, aiming to create “a better world, through social, environmental and economic sustainability for the farmers.”


The cocoa for this bar was sourced from Produits des Iles SA (PISA), a central fermentery established in northern Haiti in 2012. PISA works with 1,104 small-scale farmers – 492 of whom are women – to pay premium prices for the unprocessed cocoa harvest and then processing it centrally, allowing farmers to earn more money for their quality beans.

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