Lucky Dip – 12 Taster Bar Gift Box


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    Introducing our new taster bar gift box for only £9.95!

    Why is this gift box £9.95?

    This gift box is under £10 because all of the included taster bars are short-dated (the best before dates are all within the next 3 months, detailed below). By creating this box, we are avoiding potentially wasting perfectly fine (and, indeed, delicious) bars.

    This box represents our larger mission to significantly reduce food waste in 2022. With one third of all food produced across the globe being lost or wasted, enjoying this box plays a small role in tackling a huge problem.

    It’s also a fantastic way to enjoy 5 of our most popular bars at an incredible price.

    What’s Included?

    1x Willie’s Cacao – Milk Of The Gods 44% (Taster)

    1x Willie’s – SEA FLAKES Rio Caribe 44% Milk (small)

    5x Chocolate Makers – Tres Hombres 40% with Sea Salt taster bar (use by: 4th April 2022)

    2x Jordi’s – 67% Dark Chocolate with Nibs taster bar (best before: 11th March 2022)

    2x Original Beans – Piura Porcelana 75% 12g taster bar (best before: 1st March 2022)

    1x Raaka Pink Sea Salt Dark Chocolate taster bar (best before: 1st February 2022)

    Please note: In some boxes, the Raaka Pink Sea Salt may be substituted for Original Beans Esmereldas Milk.

    Easy to Share

    This collection includes 12 delicious taster bars: the perfect size to share with family and friends. Together, these mini bars showcase why craft chocolate is so special. From milk to dark to inclusions, here is the full spectrum of craft chocolate, displaying expert chocolate makers’ commitment to their craft.

    Willie’s Cacao – Rio Caribe, Venezuela 44% Milk with Sea Flakes (Taster)

    The recipe is simple – cacao, natural cocoa butter and raw cane sugar – no vanilla and no soya lecithin, nothing that can get in the way of the flavour of the beans. He even uses less cocoa butter than most chocolate makers because, although that means more stopping and cleaning in the factory, the flavours last longer in your mouth.

    Willie’s Cacao – Milk Of The Gods 44% (Taster)

    Willie is a true pioneer of the artisan chocolate movement in the UK, and the first of the modern independent bean-to-bar makers. His passion is to open people’s eyes to real chocolate. By this he means chocolate that really brings alive the flavour characteristics of the great single-estate beans that he uses.

    Chocolate Makers – Tres Hombres 40% with Sea Salt: The cocoa beans for this particular bar are transported on the sailing ship Tres Hombres from the Dominican Republic to Amsterdam, hence the name. It’s a 40% milk chocolate with a rich and creamy taste.

    Jordi’s – 67% Dark Chocolate with Nibs: This 67% dark chocolate is loaded with cocoa nibs (roasted pieces of cocoa bean) for a delicious crunch, and has a deep, spicy flavour with notes of rum and whiskey (even though there’s no actual alcohol in it).

    Original Beans – Piura Porcelana 75%: This delicately floral dark chocolate has bright highs of raspberry, dried prunes, and pecan. Made in Switzerland from Peruvian beans, this classic Original Beans creation is sure to satisfy with its vibrant intensity, rounded off with roasted notes in a silky smooth melt.

    Raaka Pink Sea Salt Dark Chocolate: This deep dark chocolate has a strong cocoa body, with a soft fruity twist. The chocolate is so perfectly balanced, gifting the palate with both high fruity notes – think berries – and low nutty and chocolatey tones.


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