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    The Eurasian Coot, or rather Taucherli to the locals in Zürich, is what this chocolate maker is both named and illustrated after. Kay Keusen, the man behind Taucherli chocolate, produces both couverture and bean to bar chocolate. What with Switzerland’s illustrious history and reputation of chocolate making, Kay’s bean to bar range was an ambition to take “customers on a journey” and to reinvent what it means to be a Swiss chocolatier. It became apparent to Kay that the majority of “Swiss” milk chocolate truly wasn’t Swiss at all, as it was instead being produced abroad.

    Tasting Notes

    On the palate this 100% cacao bar impresses with little to no bitterness and a subtle sweetness. Expect a rich cocoa body with a creamy melting texture. Taucherli crafts its chocolate to be incredibly creamy, without the addition of too much cocoa butter. Kay conches for up until 98 hours, which allows for an even distribution of cocoa butter. The additional cocoa butter and conching evens and balances the flavour and melt.

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  • 1 review for Taucherli – Ghana 100%

    • Einav T.

      Einav T.

      September 9, 2020

      Nice, but not bitter, which is a little disappointing. Don't think it's worth of ordering again, but will be a good pick for those who are not interested in the bitter after taste.

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    Milk (traces), nuts (traces)
    Cacao, sugar, cacao butter

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